Ausstellung "Erwachet aus dem langen Schlafe"
Exhibition: "Awaken from your long slumber"

The “Awaken from your long slumber” exhibition has been developed by the “Förderkreis Synagoge Laufersweiler e.V. 2019” sponsoring group in cooperation with the Hunsrück-Museum Simmern. Jewish life in the country - Jews in the Hunsrück. The exhibition follows the traces left by the region’s Jewish residents and provides insight into their ways of life and culture, yet not without addressing the issues of marginalisation, anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism. Furthermore, its objective is to establish a lasting memorial to those Jewish families who worked the land and actively contributed to their society over generations, despite all adversities. The topics and individual components addressed have been digitally edited for examination as part of the exhibition.

Subjects of the Exhibition